Dot Bunn was elected a member of Allied Artists of America in 2011 and was elected a member of the American Artists Professional League in 2015.  She is a full time studio painter and teacher with a strong commitment to continuing the traditional methods of oil painting.  She finds inspiration and guidance in the convention of picture making from the fine old master paintings.  She strives to find her unique expression within this discipline. Dot believes that "spontaneity and enthusiasm are not substitutes for planning and experience in oil painting.  Great paintings are the result of intelligent planning and the endless study of technique and process.  After that you need to be inspired by your subjects.  My great love of the Bucks County countryside has given me endless landscape inspiration, but I also enjoy painting the flowers in my gardens.  Lately I have really enjoyed painting the people  that I find doing things that capture my imagination.  I have never found myself lacking for something to paint.  The very act of painting is a joy for me."  In 2003 Dot made the decision to paint full time in oils, working in her studio every day for eight hours or more, painting and reading books on the techniques and philosophy of art.   In 2007 she started studying with Myron Barnstone at Barnstone Studios.  With the help of this gifted teacher she began to realize how much more there is to achieve and how exhilarating it is to understand color and composition the way the great masters of art applied them.  Now Dot continues to advance her knowledge of painting by working with distinguished artists through workshops and private study.  Dot regularly exhibits in local and national juried exhibitions, receiving many awards including the Alden Bryan Memorial Medal for Traditional Landscape from Allied Artists of America; an Honorable Mention and Semi-finalist award from the Art Renewal Center Salon Show.  Her work has been included in the Butler Institute of American Art National Midyear Exhibition;  American Artists Professional League Grand National  Exhibition; Salon International Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, San Antonio;  Pennsylvania Art of the State and Art Association of Harrisburg Invitational Exhibition.  Dot's figurative work has won numerous awards including the Phillip's Mill Highest Award for Painting in 2004 and again 2007.  Her involvement in the art community includes teaching, lecturing, and supporting other artists by hosting workshops and networking events.  


Monhegan Island
Oil, 24" x 24"
Edge of the Field
Oil, 12.5" x 20"
Blue Birdhouse
Oil, 24" x 18"
Weeping Cherry
0il, 24" x 20"
Spring Moment
Oil, 30" x 24"
Walter's Woods
Oil, 20" x 16"
Rocks Along the Neshaminy
Oil, 18" x 24"
End of the Day
Oil, 12" x 24"
End of Summer
Oil, 18" x 24"