Please note that during our special exhibitions, we also display work by artists who are not part of that exhibition.  We can do this because our gallery is divided into several rooms or galleries.

Collector Santa by Lois Clarkson

March 6 - June 6
New Beginnings, Growth and Renewal

Celebrating Spring with a landscape and still life show featuring paintings in oil, pastel and watercolor.  The gallery will come alive with the colors of Spring.  This is a gallery wide show featuring 20 award winning artists and celebrates the beauty of the season in gardens, meadows, river banks, rolling hills as well as in floral still life.  
Come,  be inspired.  Celebrate new growth and possibility. 
JUNE 12 - August 29
Immerse yourself in the luminous colors of Summer!  
A visit to the gallery this Summer is a virtual get-away.  Beautiful paintings in oil, watercolor and pastel of all the places we love to be when the weather gets warm.  A gallery wide show featuring the rocky shores of New England, beaches, boats, and the charming villages of places like Cape Cod, Cape Ann and Monhegan Island, Maine.  And for landlubbers, and closer to home, the rivers, brooks, farms, meadows, parks of our own beautiful Bucks.  Come!  Be inspired.   Just a few examples below -