Richard Lennox is a graduate of Hamilton College and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  He has exhibited his work extensively throughout the region in venues which include the Delaware Art Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Woodmere Art Museum and the National Academy of Design to name a few.  He is also represented in the permanent collection of the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown.  He has won many awards and was chosen "Honored Artist" at the 84th Phillips' Mill Exhibition.   

"Painting for me is about light, memory, and the senses.  It is also about contagion of shapes and forms, horizontal and vertical stability, rhythms, overlaps, repetitions, variations, juxtapositions, contiguities, ambiguities, clarity, tonal contrasts, volume, textures, color assemblies, and geometrics that catch the light.  It is more a mental construct screened through temperament, rather than a naturalistic rendition."  

Lennox's wonderful architectural paintings of our neighboring river towns are striking in their design and use of color and light.  There is an interesting juxtaposition of the antique buildings with a somewhat modern, quiet presentation which will remind many of Hopper.  

Alley to the River
Oil, 14" x 10"
Evening Apparitions
Oil, 23" x 34" .
Octogenarian in His Garden
Oil, 12.75" x 18.75
Oil, 10" x 13.25
Oil, 5.5" x 22"
Oil, 9" x 21.25"
Time in a Day
Oil, 22" x 15"
Retrieved Memory
Oil, 15" x 21"
Along the Canal 
Oil, 11.5" x 12.25"
Farm Route 113
Oil, 9" x 18.5"
Somewhere in Montana
Oil, 10" x 15"
View from the Crest of the Hill
Oil, 12.75" x 13.25"
Instant Recognition
Oil, 15.5" x 21"