At the End of the Road
Oil, 12" x 18"
Clearing Off
Oil, 11" x 16"
Doll Picnic
Oil, 12" x 9"
Heidi Palmer is a graduate of the Ecole Des Beaux Arts of Montreal , Canada and the Pratt Institute.  She has exhibited throughout much of the US including at the Sherry French Gallery in NYC, as well as in CT, MA, RI and in England. Her awards include those from the Hudson Vallery Art Association.  Her paintings exude a quiet, peaceful joy.  "Light, air and the meaning of time are the three elements that I try to address in my paintings."  Of the element of time, the artist says, "Moments, memories, reveries, beginnings, endings, and longings are all part of what it is to be a human being in this world.  Through my work I hope that viewers can experience a sense of place and time and its significance for themselves."